About me

I am a freelance photographer based in Boston, MA.  I focus on sports photography (action and portrait), landscapes, and editorial work.  A core belief of mine is beautiful images are found everywhere, independent of the caliber of athlete, location in the world, or subject in front of the camera.

Am I willing to travel?  "Maybe a little too much.", mumbles the Honda Insight that has seen three cross country trips in six years.  

What about being outdoors?  "Of course!", say the many National and State Parks he's visited; "He's also willing to camp." chimes in the tent covered in dirt and sand.  

Are my pictures any good?  "I love them!!!" Exclaims his impartial Mother, "They are all over the Fridge."

But can he make fire with only his bare hands?  Not yet...


Contact him at paul@paulrutherfordphotography.com