Pioneer Valley Invite 2015

It was a beautifully warm day for an ultimate tournament.  This is the first time I have been able to shoot an entire day of a tournament.  I had a great time and it is amazing to see such a large and well organized tournament unfold in front of your eyes.  Fields and teams all over the place, discs flying everywhere, and cheers echoing off the mountains makes me miss playing!  The mountains also made for amazing backdrops in the photos.  I made sure to bring snacks, a water bottle. and sunscreen.  I didn't even need to bring snacks since there were tons of helpful volunteers making snacks at tournament central!  Everything went swimmingly, although next time I'll need to make sure I put some sunscreen on my legs. Whoops.  My favorite photos are below.  


Click here for the highlights from Sunday and here for the full coverage!