Trying new things at Northeast Regionals

I was able to photograph this weekend in Devens, MA at the USAU Northeast Regionals for UltiPhotos.  It's always fun to photograph ultimate tournaments and is even more fun when you get to play with expensive gear rented from Borrowlenses.  

I think I ended up taking around 3,000-4,000 photos this weekend...and putting up a little over 500.  Although taking a ton of photos helps, it isn't all quantity that determines how many good photos you take.  When at a long tournament I like to practice different techniques and try new angles.  It helps keep me on my toes and find new/interesting shots.  I get afraid of missing moments in the game while practicing something new, but I remember I can't get every photo anyway.  No harm in missing a few if I figure out a better way to get photos for the next time.

I used my Canon 7d mark ii and a Canon 6d this weekend. The 7d takes 10 frames per second and the 6d only 3 fps.  It was fun to use the 6d to practice timing shots rather than relying on the burst of the 7d to get the photo.  Some shots need to be timed when you and are trying to get a specific composition.  Here are some of my favorites from the weekend.  To see more click here.